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Kattle Kountry Beef

Mortlach, SK, Canada
Mortlach, SK
Side of beef (Half a beef)
Side of beef (Half a beef)

Side of beef (Half a beef)

Side of Local Red Angus Beef


Approx. Weight: 67.5 lbs
Est. Delivery Time: 3 - 4 Weeks
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Please read the full description.
A side of beef is $4.50/lb hanging weight. This includes butchering and custom cutting.

Enjoy all of your favourite beef cuts at a reduced retail price when you order a 1/2 of beef! Our beef is dry aged for a minimum of 21 days - so there is a bit of wait time while your beef is being custom cut and wrapped for your family, but SO worth it!

Buying a side of beef can be a very economical way to purchase wholesome and delicious beef for your whole family to enjoy! If you don't quite have the freezer space or don't wish to spend that much yourself- team up with family, friends or neighbours to split a side! When you purchase a side of beef you have the added benefit of being able to enjoy all of the high end expensive cuts of beef for the same price as ground beef. No need for an expensive steak at a restaurant when you can cook one up right at home!
Cuts are customized to your family’s tastes and preference.

Our Kattle Kountry beef comes to you fresh-frozen, meaning immediately after cutting, the beef is frozen. Since beef freezes so well, you'll lose none of its flavour or texture — and you get the convenience of being able to enjoy our wholesome and nutritious local beef any time!

When you purchase a side of beef you get to customize your types/cuts of meat as well as package sizes. You get to select whether you want more steaks or ground beef, or maybe you prefer stew meat and stir fry strips over marinating steaks or hamburger. The choices are endless! Together with our butcher’s we will help ask the right questions to get the most out of your side of beef.

Some choices will include:
-Steak thickness (3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”)
-The number of steaks per package
-Roasts size ranging from 3 - 8lbs (Average size for a family of 4 would be 3-4 lbs)
-Hamburger package sizes — packaged in 1, 1.5 and 2 lb packages

At Kattle Kountry, we sell our beef by the hanging weight — which is the weight of a side of beef, hanging in the butcher’s cooler after the head, hide, feet and organs have been removed, but before it is cut into the delicious options for your table.

The yield after cutting the side into usable cuts is approximately 55-65% of the hanging weight. The weight reduction is the result of moisture loss during the aging process, bone removal and the type of cuts you request.

This 15% deposit will reserve you a side of beef cut to your specifications. This is only a deposit, and will be applied to the purchase price of your beef. Your final payment is due at delivery via e-transfer, or cash. This deposit is required to reserve an animal for you. It is non-refundable. If you choose to pay for the entire side up front, the total payment amount will be reconciled once the final hanging weight is known. When your side of beef is ready to be cut, our butcher shop will call you directly to walk you through your cutting options. Once your meat is ready, we will pick up and arrange deliver it right to your door!

Our Sides range in weight from 400-500 lbs hanging weight yielding you between 240-325 lbs of actual meat cuts delivered to your freezer.
*** Your final total will be calculated once the animal is butchered and the actual hanging weight is determined.

Our locally raised Red Angus beef is tender, well marbled and amazingly juicy. You will instantly notice the difference between a Kattle Kountry steak and your usual grocery store cuts. Our beef is under 16 months of age to ensure a high quality, tender beef product. You'll enjoy the rich flavour experience at every meal!

Kattle Kountry is a 4th generation family run ranch located 30 minutes west of Moose Jaw. We take great pride in producing healthy, delicious and nutritious Red Angus Beef for our customers. The beef we raise and sell is direct from our farm to your fork. We believe that giving our cattle the very best living conditions for their health and well being, gives you the very best beef you can find anywhere.

Kattle Kountry beef is processed at a family owned and government health inspected butcher shop.

We are a VBP+ Certified operation. VBP+ is aligned with the national Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle, the Canadian Beef Cattle On-Farm Biosecurity Standard, and the sustainability indicator work of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) to ensure sound animal care, biosecurity and environment principles and practices. VBP+ enables beef cattle producers to publicly demonstrate their commitment to responsible stewardship of both cattle and the environment.

Delivery Instructions

We strive to deliver exceptional customer service. While our goal is to have your meat delivered to your door within the same week of ordering, there are a few products that will take a little bit longer to arrive. Please note the delivery times for each product when placing your order. Orders are filled on a first come first served basis while supplies last. We have new stock available weekly and will try to update delivery times as they change.

Delivery Fee- $25 (For Orders Under $150)
$150+ purchase = FREE delivery

Saskatoon & Swift Current Customers: We now make weekly deliveries to your neck of the woods!! (Orders for Saskatoon must be placed by Thursday evenings for the following Monday delivery) Get your orders in and we'll deliver right to your door!

Have a question? We'd love to answer it! Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of our Home Page and we will get back to you with an answer. Thank you so much for shopping with Kattle Kountry and supporting your local farmer!