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Kattle Kountry Beef

Mortlach, SK, Canada
Mortlach, SK

Kattle Kountry Beef

The Eastmond Family

Kattle Kountry is a family run ranch located 30 minutes west of Moose Jaw. We take great pride in producing healthy, delicious and nutritious beef for our customers.

We believe that giving our cattle the very best living conditions for their health and well being, gives you the very best beef you can find anywhere. Our farm-raised, grain-finished beef is rich in flavour that will delight your taste buds at every meal.

Kattle Kountry beef is processed at a family-owned and health inspected butcher shop. It is aged a minimum of 21 days, resulting in beef that is so tender . . . you can literally cut it with your fork! The beef comes to you fresh-frozen, meaning immediately after cutting the beef is frozen. Since beef freezes so well, losing none of its flavour or texture — you get the convenience of being able to enjoy our wholesome and nutritious beef any time! Buying a side of beef can be a very economical way to purchase wholesome and delicious beef for your whole family to enjoy! Not sure you can eat a whole side - you can team up with family, friends and neighbours to split a side of beef.

Our beef is under 16 months of age to ensure high quality, tender beef product. When you purchase a side of beef you have the added benefit of being able to enjoy all of the high-end expensive cuts of beef for the same price as ground beef! There's no need for an expense steak at a restaurant when you can create it right at home. Cuts are customized to your family’s tastes and preferences. Never purchased a side of beef before? — No problem! At Kattle Kountry we will walk you through the process, help you select your cuts, and answer any questions you may have.